My event tip for today: HR Barcamp at sipgate in Düsseldorf

Dear guest!

It’s time to talk (again) about sipgate: The internet telecommunication provider founded in 2004 in Düsseldorf based on a prior comparison portal for making calls realized by students.

Since then the company has grown significantly, has now 270 employees, and is located in an extraordinary building in Düsseldorf Medienhafen. I first noticed sipgate about ten years ago while visiting it at the Night of the Museums: Which shows that the company has more to offer than High Tech, and indeed we find there a collection of art.

This year the telecommunication provider opens its doors again for this event next Saturday, 27 April, and presents a new exhibition of paintings, digital photography, and visual language. As always music vibes by a DJ and tasty food (this year: from Japan) and drinks create a relaxed atmosphere.

But let’s us come to the actual event I promised at the start: sipgate is also known for its series of public events and talks on tech, business, and HR topics labeled “Lean DUS”, which some I attended as well in the past and were always a great pleasure for me. For example I remember a female HR professional from Finland who gave us some interesting insights, or of course, the sipgate’s way of hiring: Peer recruiting.

Photo: sipgate GmbH (embedded from eventbride.de)

On June 17 and 18, 2024, however, their “Hacking HR” team Thu Pakasathanan, Carina Visser, Marit Funke, Jacqueline Rahemipour, Alena Rainer, and Ann-Kristin Hering have organized a HR Barcamp: “Two days of informal exchange, learning from each other & networking.”

Location: sipgate GmbH, Gladbacher Str. 74, 40219 Düsseldorf

More about the event: https://www.eventbrite.de/e/hr-barcamp-bei-sipgate-tickets-871775543117

I am looking forward to it – Maybe we meet there?

Note: I will put some more links at the end and I will post another exiting local HR event tomorrow – So stay tuned and connect if you like.

A sunny week!

Stefan Klemens

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(a) sipgate at “Nacht der Museen” in Düsseldorf, April 27, 2024: https://hello.sipgate.de/veranstaltung/duesseldorfer-nacht-der-museen-2024

(b) Nacht der Museen Düsseldorf: https://www.nacht-der-museen.de/duesseldorf/

(c) Lean DUS von sipgate at meetup: https://www.meetup.com/lean-dus/

(d) Zweites sipgate Buch: “18 Work Hacks” …… für leane und agile Personalarbeit von Tim Mois & Corinna Baldauf (2018): https://www.sipgate.de/18-work-hacks-buch-personalarbeit-hr

(e) Was ist ein BarCamp? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/BarCamp | https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Barcamp


Tip: German Data Science Days 2024

Dear visitor!

In some of my recent newsblog articles (read those here and here) I collected 32 HR tech conferences and 13+1 HR & People Analytics Conferences.

And although this seems, with almost 50 conferences, as a collection covering many important data events, it cannot be complete of course (and I did not strive for it neither).

German Data Science Days 2024

Las friday I found another conference that might be of interest for you if you are working with data, statistics, and analytics – thus in the field of data science and in the case of HR data in HR & People Analytics (more or less HR data science, but this term is not used that often):

The German Data Science Days 2024.

Image: German Data Science Society (embedded)

The conference is dated March 7 – 8, 2024, and will take place at the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München (LMU Munich). It is organized by the German Data Science Society and has happened since 2018 (the society’s founding year) each year until 2023, which sums up to six conferences by now.

The 2024 conference includes topics and speakers like:

Alexander Haag, ERGO: “Navigating the fusion of AI generations in the insurance industry with ERGO’s AI Factory”

Monica Epple & Christian Pich, Swiss Re: “Navigating the future – How Swiss Re is unlocking data to drive innovation in reinsurance”

Jasmin Weimüller & Dr. Christoph Weisser, BASF: “How is BASF enabling its workforce to use generative AI & Co – Use cases and enablement” [Human Resources!]

Prof. Dr. Florian Stahl, Universität Mannheim: “The BERD data marketpace: A platform connecting companies, universities and research institutions and fostering the collaboration in research and innovation”

Michael Herter, infas 360: “Data Science für Städte und Kommunen”

Murat Topuz, Deutsche Bank: “Fighting financial crime with data analytics”

Karin Immenroth, RTL: “Mit KI in die datengetriebene Zukunft von RTL Deutschland”

Past Conferences 2018 – 2023

And if you look closely and open the pages of the past conferences form 2018 until 2023 you will not only find the programmes of these, but also the presentations (charts, slides) of almost all speakers as a PDF to download (and in one case as a Google Doc presentation).

Here are some sessions of past conferences:

Dr. Fabian Winter, Munich Re: “Data and Analytics at Munich Re” (2023)

Dr. Heide-Gesa Löhlein & Ibrahim Gökce, Telekom: “Personalization in Telecommunications: Mission Impossible?” (2023)

Christian Most, Lufthansa Group: “The Beauty of Complexity: Decision Support in Operations Steering” (2023)

Peter Mayer, Volkswagen AG: “Applying Computer Vision at Volkswagen Group IT” (2022)

Dr. Anca-Oxana Tudoran & Manuel Jockenhöfer, ProSiebenSat.1: “Data Science in the Media” (2022)

Ralph Müller-Eiselt, Bertelsmann Stiftung: „Wir und die Algorithmen – Beziehungsstatus: kompliziert” (2020)

Dr. Sebastian Fischer, Telekom Innovation Laboratories: „Lieber künstlich intelligent als natürlich dumm” (2020)

Dr. Urs Bergmann, Zalando: „Generative models in e-commerce” (2020)

Dominik Koch, Teradata: „The Data Scientists Survival Guide: 10 things that might save your next analytical project” (2020)

Dr. Stephanie Thiemichen, TÜV Süd: „Thinking outside of the box – building reliable and scalable data analytics products” (2020)

Final words

As said above you can find all sessions and many slides of the conferences 2018 bis 2023 on the website of the German Data Science Days. So check it out!

And remember: The next edition takes place in a couple of weeks in March 2024. So you may consider to visit this exiting data science event.

I wish you a pretty start in the new week!

Stefan Klemens

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7 People & HR Analytics Conferences till the end of 2023

Dear guest!

When Google launched their now famous Project Oxygen in 2008 (see this article for an overview) which was aimed to answer the question what makes a great manager, HR Analytics and HR Controlling (including predictive and advanced analytics) where already happening in a few companies – As well as quite a long time within the Work & Organizational Psychology practice and research and within connected disciplines.

Furthermore around 10 years ago some professional books had been published on how to use and deal with HR Data in order to improve companies’ processes and results (see for example the publications by Jac Fitz-Enz or John W. Boudreau).

The influence of Google on People Analytics

But it was at that time the fast growing search engine startup from the Silicon Valley, and Laszlo Bock, Google´s former Senior Vice President of People Operations, who pushed People Analytics (together with others) to the world of business and Human Resource Management by his talks.

Lazlo also wrote the very readable bookWork Rules! Insights from Inside Google That Will Transform How You Live and Lead” about his experiences at Google. I bought the English edition when it was published in 2015, so I wouldn’t have to wait for the German edition; and most times it is better to turn to the original writing.

Nowadays People & HR Analytics including workforce analytics, talent analytics, and human capital analytics are well established in bigger and some medium-sized companies – And the need for collecting and analyzing HR and business data in an util way to implement new solutions and reach determined goals is still growing.

A growing number of conferences and exhibitions

One indicator for that development are the number of technology and data sessions at HR conferences and exhibitions, and specialized events on these topics – And because of their close connections and data-driven approaches these events take into account also the not so new but hot discussed tools and methods of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and (Generative) Artificial Intelligence.

This is indicated by the following list, where I have put together 7 conferences and exhibitions focusing on People & HR Analytics including Artificial Intelligence which will be held between September and December 2023.

There are naturally major HR events coming up like the Zukunft Personal Europe 2023 in September as well as the HR Technology 2023 in Las Vegas and the UNLEASH World 2023 in Paris (both in October), which are going to host a bunch of sessions with these analytics topics too.

But for the reason of concentrating on those specialized HR events, and to keep my list short and clear, I did not enclose the extensive ones in my collection However I will cover them in separate newsblog articles as I did here already for the most traditional German HR summit at the Cologne fair.

7 upcoming People & HR Analytics events

But enough of my preface, here is the list with seven upcoming People & HR Analytics events from September to December 2023 you did expect by clicking on this article:

People Analytics World Amsterdam
7 September 2023
Amsterdam: DoubleTree Centraal Station
Organizer: Tucana Global SLU

Please note: You might want to check out this newsblog article about the event in the dutch capital.

HR Analytics Summit
7 September 2023
London: The Barbican Centre
Organizer: Dynamic Business Leaders

HR Leaders People Analytics Summit 2023
21 September 2023
Online Conference
Organizer: HR Leaders

Swiss HR Analytics Event
28 September, 2023
Online Conference
Organizer: Swiss HR Analytics

HR Analytics & AI Summit 2023
26 – 28 November 2023
Berlin: Titanic Chaussee Berlin
Organizer: we.CONECT Global Leaders

CIPD People Analytics Conference
11 – 12 October 2023
London: The Montcalm London Marble Arch
Organizer: CIPD

People Analytics Conference 2023 Winter
1 December 1 2023
Online Conference
Organizer: Edunomica

Final remarks

If you are into People & HR Analytics like me, then you probably know most of the conferences´ names, went to one or more in the past, and/or are traveling to some soon.

And although I often strive for integrity, the list is not complete And this was not my goal neither. I will have probably missed some events, so feel free to reach me, if another People & HR Analytics should enter into it: I will gladly add your proposal.

Have a nice day and best wishes!

Stefan Klemens

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People Analytics World 2023 in Amsterdam

Dear guest!

As a not so hot summer in Germany has meteorologically passed business returns to daily work. And events like professional conferences and exhibitions welcome participants all over the world and from almost any industries and areas in well-known cities around the globe.

This is also the case for Human Resource Management (HRM), where we see not only comprehensive events like the Zukunft Personal Europe 2023 in Cologne in September or the Unleash World 2023 in Paris in October, but also events on HR Tech, Digital HR, and HR & People Analytics like the People Analytics World.

Since these topics are the focus of Schorberg Analytics, I take a closer look to such comprehensive or special business meetings coming up the next four months until December 2023 in several of my newsblog articles. Today we raise our eyes to near The Netherlands and its famous capital, where the following event will take place on Thursday of this week:

The People Analytics World Conference 2023 in Amsterdam

After London in April this year the People Analytics World Conference in Amsterdam organized by Tucana Global SLU will open its doors in DoubleTree Centraal Station on September 7, 2023.

In-person tickets are sold out by now, but registering for on-demand access to the recordings afterwards for the first 3 months is still possible for 145 Euro without VAT as I checked today.

Among the 16 speakers and organizations involved are Patrick Coolen (KennedyFitch, before: ABN Amro), David Green (Insight222), Rekha Gurnani (from Box; Service: cloud, content managmeent & file sharing), Celine Ingenegeren and Lucie Vottova (ING), Jan Nieuweboer (Rabobank), Thomas Rasmussen (Shell), Alise Rupeka (SITA; Air transport communications and information technology), Ronald Schep (de Volksbank), and Neeraj Tandon (Philips).

Solution sponsors and vendors include: Visier, Crunchr, Relative Insight, Ennova, and Insight222.

The agenda shows for example the following title sessions (company):

  • Powering Organisational Development with People Analytics (Shell)
  • Skills Analysis for Automated Learning Design (de Volksbank)
  • Elevating the HR Conversation: From Question-asking to Action-taking (Crunchr, SITA)
  • Analysing Pay Equity across Gender and Ethnicity (Box)
  • How to Establish People Analytics as a Common Practice (An Academic Perspective) (KennedyFitch)
  • From Problem to Product: Scaling People Analytics (ING)
  • Optimising Performance and Wellbeing for a Hybrid Workforce (Rabobank)
  • Designing an Employee Experience Programme for your Company (Philips)

Besides these sessions there are a discussion, a roundtable an a panel as well as four networking breaks including the reception at the end on Sky Lounge roof terrace. Note: A number of sessions will be held parallel.

Final words

The event is especially relevant for HR leaders from the finance and tech industry since there are three speakers each from these (Finance: de Volksbank, ING, Rabobank; and ABN Amro if you like), Tech: SITA, Box, Philips).

But of course the event is not only for them as David Green, the chair of the conference, distinguished expert, and book author says: “People Analytics World is a must-attend event for anyone working or interested in the field.”

Maybe you are attending the conference in person, but if not I recommend you checking out the agenda and safe your On Demand pass for the recordings if the content appeals to you.

A pity I cannot be there since work has to be done but I wish everyone participating a great experience.

Have a nice day and best wishes!

Stefan Klemens

PS: You want to exchange ideas on People & HR Analytics, digital assessment or artificial intelligence (AI) in HRM? Then network, write a message and/or make an appointment for an online meeting. Or the classic way: phone call.

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