My event tip for today: HR networking meetup by Stepstone & Personalwerk

Dear guest!

As promised in my post yesterday the next HR event tip follows today: The “Stepstone & Personalwerk: Netzwerktreffen 2024” in Düsseldorf. It is organized by the two companies with the subtitle “Von der Glühbirne zum Denklicht: KI als Game-Changer im Employer Branding”.

Since The Stepstone Group is a well known German HR tech company and one of the worldwide leading online job platforms, I don’t have to say much more about it. As I like numbers, just for the record: Stepstone is doing business in more than 30 countries with more than 20 brands (one major one is stepstone), and connects annually more than110 Million applications with over 140,000 employers. Their head office is located in Düsseldorf.

Last year I visited an exiting talk by two data scientists of Stepstone about salary prediction for all kind of jobs. Some of the insights can be read in my newsblog.

Let’s now turn to the next organizer: Personalwerk GmbH is a specialist agency for Employer Branding, E-Recruiting, and a personnel consulting with more than 30 years experience. They unite the core competence of three companies, and their headquarter is Karben near Frankfurt am Main.

About 200 people work for Personalwerk: 120 of them can be seen not only with a “normal” business picture on their website, but with a rather unusual expression – which matches what the company says about itself: committed service providers – but basically just people. In a motley crew. [At first I did not realize the changing photos by hoovering with the mouse and one employee was closing the eyes with her hands, and I was a little bit surprised and wondering].

Some numbers about the company: 12 locations; 230.000 ads annually; 6000 exiting clients.

And a last note: Personalwerk is according to their website also a lead investor in award winning HR tech company Aivy GmbH, which focuses on innovative online testing based on hardcore psychometric science as their website states – which sounds also interesting for me with my background in I-O Psychology and professional assessment.

Image: Personalwerk & Stepstone (embedded from eventbrite.de)

But enough about our hosts and me: You are probably keen to know more about the event. So here are some facts:

+ 15 May 2024, 17 – 21 h, Stepstone Head Office, 40219 Düsseldorf
+ Two speakers: Dorothee Reiser, Personalwerk, & Prof. Dr. Nicolai Krüger, Pitchnext
+ Focus & topics: Future of HRM, especially AI in employer branding and personnel marketing

Not working nearby? Then check out other destinations and dates in Germany for the HR meetups!

Find out more about the event here: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/stepstone-personalwerk-netzwerktreffen-2024-tickets-881794740807

I will put some more links in the comments.

For now: I wish you a happy week and great meetups!

Stefan Klemens

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(a) More destinations and dates: https://netzwerktreffen.onepage.me/

(b) Salary predition at Stepstone: https://www.schorberg.de/hr-data-science-salary-prediction-at-trivago-and-stepstone/

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