Human Resource Management

What kind of HR person are you?

Dear guest!

What kind of a HR person are you? (If you are one in the first place, if not, there are other funny, provoking or making-a-statement shirts for you as well like for data people, developers, …)

Well, whether you are into HR tech or not, you may feel like you are not like a regular Human Resources worker, but feel a little bit cooler (or colorful?). In this case I found today the shirt that probably suits your mindset – And you want to transmit it to the world:

Image: amazon.de (embedded)


Suggestion: Buy some for your HR department and organize your next HR party, barcamp or barbecue dressed with it. And no: I do not get a commission from Amazon in promoting this!

But hey, it is weekend and HR is fun, too! What do you think?


(Best read this post with a beer, glass of wine, or in case of preference for non alcoholic drinks with an exiting liquid of your choice :-))

Stefan Klemens

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Credits for inspiration: A while a go I saw Daniel (DataDan) Mühlbauer 🤖🧭🧡🏳️‍🌈 with cool shirts (and caps and cups) on some pictures. So that is one source but surely there are more HR people like him with such clothing.