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How I wrote a book about Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources in 3 hours

Dear guest!

Artifical Intelligence and especially Generative Artificial Intelligence (GenAI) is driving human productivity to new heights! No news for those using ChatGPT or other tools like Midjourney or DeepL. And of course the application of Large Language Models (LLMs) like ChatGPT has entered Human Resources Management too.

Recruiters use it for describing roles and optimizing interviews, professional assessors and developers of psychometric tests find items for their instruments much quicker, and leaders and HR managers communicate better with their people by AI-assisted employee survey and feeback apps. But these are just a few applications of the new IT-Tools, and one can find nearly to any tasks regarding the employee life cycle a help by the software algorithms.

Since my training in Data Science with Python, Big Data, and Machine Learning in 2020 and my prior HR experience, I wanted to write a book about »Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management«. But this of course would have been required quite a lot of time and resources which were always competeting with more important challenges of my position as an entrepreneur and a self-employed person.

In fact I had started already on this book project, did research on articles, books, and tools, wrote a content and some texts. And some of my AI in HRM results I published yet in this Newsblog and on my LinkedIn profile.

Besides that I participated in various events, workshops, and online-seminars about this topic – just recently last Friday morning, October 20, 2023, I was part of an online-seminar held by collegues from ITB Consulting, a professional assessment company settled in Bonn (the place of my academic education in Work and Organizational Psychology).

Although AI in HRM in this event was just one out of four points on their agenda and with my pre-knowledge, I still learned something. And of course it is always interesting to see how collegues with the same background in Psychology, HRM, and Information Technology tackle a rising electronic star!

Furthermore the event and several other in the last couple of weeks reminded me that it makes a lot of sense to complete some basic work about AI in HRM. Or even better: Finish writing my book! And not in months nor weeks: But in hours and days!

Actually the first draft of my book about AI in HRM with more than 80 pages I created in really three hours! As you probably know no one could have done this – Not even a higly-trained expert in the field with very fast writings skills.

But I think you are not that surprised anymore since November 30, 2022, that this can be realized! And I am sure you have guessed by now who (or better: what) lent me a hand in my new authorship: Yes, ChatGPT did the job for me! Our personal assistant for all kinds of tasks, our words when the paper stays blank, and our expert in whatever you may wonder.

Exactly, ChatGPT-4, the paid version of OpenAI (highly recommendable), came up with the contents of the book, and the texts for its chapters. Naturally not on his own, but by the promps I gave to the growing GenAI tool (look and try the exiting plugins from the store inside the abo version, as well as the tools from the menu with DALL·E3 and the Advances Data Analysis expansion).

So, what was left up for me? Well, first I needed of course to check randomly the quality of the text and whether it made sense. That was the case and although I observed some repetions of phrases (most of them in the introduction and conclusion of a chapter), what I read was more than usable. Especially of course as the output of ChatGPT-4 was in English language (which I wanted); But I suppose even a mother tongue person would profit from it.

So, I created a table of content, formated the titles and subtitles, and copied and pasted the chapter texts in my office document – what took the most time until then [I have not figured out yet how to do this automatically, but a little work I wanted to do in this stage of the book production also! ;-)]

But even though a bunch of work has been done so far, there are still some steps to finalise he book: Like reading the more than 80 pages, checking for sense and logic and missing contents. And make it more readable by creating graphics and tables (but I bet GenAI can helps me here very much too, and I already designed some covers of the book with the help of DALL·E 3).

So now I have a small book titled »Artificial Intelligence in Human Resources Management: From Potential to Praxis« with more than 80 pages containing 13 chapters, 39 sub-chapters, and an appendix.

These are the chapter titles of the book:

  1. Introduction
  2. Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence
  3. Revolutionizing Recruitment with AI
  4. AI in Employee Development
  5. Enhancing Employee Engagement through AI
  6. AI in Workforce Planning and Analytics
  7. Compensation and Benefits Optimization
  8. Leveraging AI for Diversity and Inclusion
  9. The Role of AI in HR Compliance and Risk Management
  10. Challenges and Risks of AI in Human Resources
  11. The Future of AI in Human Resources
  12. Case Studies and Real-world Applications
  13. Conclusion
    Appendix: Resources and Tools for AI in HR

But as I already mentioned that was not it: Aftewards I used DALL·E 3 wich is intergrated in the ChatCPT-4 Plus abo (US$ 20 per month) for creating an appropriate book cover which resulted in the following four nice suggestions:

I liked most out of these four the one in the right top corner with the shaking hands and also the right bottow corner with the charts and people. Since GenAI and AI in general is made to support us humans (and machines) to get work faster and better done, I chose my first favourite picture for the title of this article.

And you know what? I wil not keep the book for myself to sell it, nor it was it just merely an experiment! I will hand it over electronically in PDF to everyone who is interested in the topic – And who has not the time, resources or knowledge yet (hurry! And it is easy!) to hire ChatGPT or some competing chatbot like BARD or Claude as a ghost writer.

I only will ask you for your name and E-mail in order to send you a copy and to stay in touch for more exiting stuff about HR Tech that is coming out of the Schorberg Analytics pipeline with focus on People Analytics, Online-Assessment, and of course AI in HRM.

The publication date of the book is planned until the end of next week, so if you want your copy on time, take the chance of showing your interest by sending me a short message (e.g.: e-book: AI in HRM) via the contact form or at my LinkedIn Profil along with your E-mail-adress!

That´s it for now.

Have a good day and all the best,

Stefan Klemens

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