Event New Year

Happy New Work, Vitra, Visier & BASF

Dear visitor!

Eleven days have passed in 2024 and I wish you a very happy New Year! That is still okay, since wishes for happiness are regardless of time and place anyway, right?

But as you read correctly the first words are Happy New Work, and that is more accurate for someone whose business is to improve human resource management (HRM) by People Analytics, AI, and Digital Assessment.

So I hope the first 11 days were good for you, and you started your work with excitement and energy just like me after some relaxing days off with loved ones, good food (my first duck in the oven thanks to TV cook Steffen Henssler!), and walks in the woods and at the Rhine.

And this time off was needed since I had been busy the last few months with, for example, a client report on HR software for executive search, our own new market report on People Analytics & AI with 100+ tools (coming soon), the re-design of Schorberg Analytics’ website and our new flyer. Moreover I am now also operating from Workspace Factory Campus in Düsseldorf: A unique place for inspiration, co-working, and community.

But what’s up and maybe interesting for you?

Let’s start with Vitra – the well-known design furniture company. Due to their Innovation People Lab at Zukunft Personal Europe 2023, I was invited for two special days at their headquarters in Weil am Rhein on the first two days in February: I am thrilled to join this Learning Journey “New Work” on the Vitra Campus. Perhaps you will be there too?

Those interested in People Analytics are aware of Visier: A leading HR platform in this field that started its global success 2010 in Vancouver. Next Thursday, 18 January, there will be an online session on how BASF Performance Materials has transformed HR Analytics with Visier. I am looking foward to this case study! More: https://events.visier.com/BASF

As an independent People & Digital HR Analyst there is nothing in it for me promoting this event (or the Vitra event), and you should also check out other vendors as well like ChartHop, Crunchr, Erudit AI, functionHR, HRForecast, Ingentis, Knoetic, Lanteria HR, One Model, or Orgnostic – Or turn to our People Analytics & AI market 2024 report shortly ;-).

By the way: Have you received our free PDF Big Book List on People Analytics yet? Check it out too!

Have a nice end of the week and all the best for you!

Stefan Klemens

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