People Analytics World 2023: Participants’ country of origin

Dear folks!

It is the 2nd day of the People Analytics World Conference in and from London! Today I watched again inspiring talks by HR-Leaders Alex Levenson (University of Southern California), Serena Huang (ABE.work), Hesham Ahmed (Unilever), Patrick Coolen (ABN AMRO) and Geentanjali Gamel (Johnson & Johnson). Now Lunch and more great insights to come! (like Jane Datta from NASA after the break).

More you will find on the event´s website: https://www.peopleanalyticsworld.com/

Are you wondering who is attending? More than 550 people from all around our nice planet. Yesterday evening I did a little analytics on the participants country of origin as stated in the directory for meeting (need to login). I am pleased to share these results in this graphic.

As you can see we have participants from 19 countries there (the actual number including the class “Other countries” is 49 but the true value might be even higher since many participants did not state a country – and perhaps feel like global citizens).

Attendees from the UK dominate and make up about 39% of the 549 participants (Status: yesterday, 13.30 h CET). USA comes second with 9% followed by the Netherlands and Germany (around 5% each). Participants from Switzerland, Poland and India are next. But see for yourself.

Note: About 17% (93 from 549) people did not fill the country of origin field. Reasons for that significant amount – as always with missing data – are not known to me and open to hypotheses. But taking a look to several of those missing data, it appears to me that some are from the USA or the UK – or working for a company whose origin is there.

Anyway, we see a great variety of the participants´ country of origin with at least people from 49 nations coming together in London and / or online. And as the host of the People Analytics World and others emphasized: “It is good to be back!”

Many thanks to the whole team behind the People Analytics World for organising this event, to all speakers for sharing their knowledge, the sponsors and the participants who engage in the exciting adventure of making the best of people, organisational and external data for companies and employees.


Stefan Klemens

PS: Are you working or interested in People Analytics? And related fields like Data Science, Behavioural Sciences or Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource Management? Then let us connect and may be we have a coffee chat or video talk about it. Or a face-to-face meeting if you are from the Germany and located in Düsseldorf, Solingen or the area around.

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Graphic: Stefan Klemens

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